Record-breaking 1.4 lakh visas issued last year by US to Indian students

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Record-breaking 1.4 lakh visas issued last year by US to Indian students

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By: Pune Pulse

November 29, 2023

Pune: The US granted over 1,40,000 visas to Indian students last year as part of the Biden administration’s effort to strengthen people-to-people ties with India and it is currently taking several actions to shorten the time it takes to schedule visa appointments.

As per information, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services official told the news agency that US missions in India operated six days a week to ensure that students could be interviewed prior to the start of classes.

According to the official, the US focused a great deal of attention on the demand originating from India this year.

The official further added that they have set out to issue one million visas in India, probably for the first time in history. This year, the number of Indian workers, crew members, and students applying to immigrate to the US is at an all-time high.

The official further said that India is currently the nation from which the majority of international students come to the US under various visa categories. For them, that is very important. Additionally, there have been numerous instances where the interview was waived off, meaning that Indian people who had already come and were returning to the US did not need to undergo the interview again.

The official further added that the most important thing for students applying in India, in her opinion, is that the visa officials there have been interviewing Indian students six days a week in order to ensure that everyone can be interviewed before the classes begin. The visa application process reflects the amount of work and significance they put into the admission of Indian students to the US. Providing the visa opportunity to all is their goal.

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