Residents demand safe, motorable NIBM – Undri road

Renuka Suryavanshi

The residents of NIBM – Undri road are demanding that the roads connecting to NIBM, Undri, Mohamadwadi should be safe and motorable. The recent fatal accident on NIBM – Undri road brought the residents on the streets demanding a safe and motorable road.

The residents recently met V G Kulkarni, head, road department, PMC and apprised him of the condition of the road from Clover Hills Plaza to Kad Nagar in Undri.

Sonu Vashi, a resident of Marvel Isola said, “It is high time the civic body takes up the matter of NIBM – Undri – Mohammadwadi road. We are honest tax payers and no more into any village. Why are we not provided with safe motorable roads ? PMC has sufficient funds to carry out development only if the work is properly planned.

Vishal Gaurav, a local resident said, “The roads need to be levelled properly. The gradient and steep slope often leads to traffic congestion as heavy vehicles do not get the required pick up. PMC should definitely plan for something longterm. Temporary solutions wont last longer. The quality of such works is always questionable. “

V G Kulkarni, head, road department, PMC on informed about the road condition informed a joint meeting with anti encroachment cell, building and estate building and commissioner will be held to sort various issues regarding road development.

Czarina Bhojwani, a resident of Clover Pallisades stated that the PMC has been ignoring the Zone 4 of PMC. But the residents of this area wont let that happen. We want the quality of our life to be improved which starts from basic requirements such as safe, motorable roads, water supply and effective waste management.

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