Wanowrie resident plays an integral role in making Nano Herbal Kavach

Renuka Suryavanshi

Savitribai Phule Pune University’s Research Park Foundation and Krishna Medical Science Autonomous University, Karad jointly designed this Kavach to be used in community washrooms and public spaces.

Dr Pooja Doshi, a resident of Green Valley society in Wanowrie has played an integral role in designing this solution in collaboration with research scientist Dr Jayant Pawar from SPPU.

In view to curb the spread of infections through community washrooms and public spaces SPPU’s Research Park and Krishna Institute of Medical Science To be deemed University have developed a solution under the label – Nano Surkasha Kavach. The solution was recently launched at the hands of Dr Nitin Karmalkar, former vice chancellor, SPPU. Dr Arvind Shaligram, CEO, SPPU Research Park and Dr Dinesh Agarwal, research director of the Krishna Medical Science To be Deemed University.

Dr Shaligram said, ‘Common areas such as hospitals, malls, bus stands, railway station, staircase, trolley handles are often touched by various people. These places are ideal spots for infection to spread. They are cleaned with sponge, cloth and napkins but they are not scientifically sanitised. This is the reason why we developed the Nano Suraksha Kavach. Dr Dinesh Agarwal said that this solution can keep us safe for upto five hours after it is used on any surface.

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