Residents in trouble over nuisance caused by youngsters on NIBM road 

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Residents representing over 25 housing societies from NIBM road recently met the Kondhwa police station officials to complain about the nuisance caused in the area by an unidentified group of youngsters. 

These youngsters have been creating nuisance by making videos in the middle of the road even when the curfew has been imposed in the city. These youths are often seen filming stunts while speeding on bikes, cars not just during the day but also during the night. 

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Speaking to Pune Pulse, Rohan Gaikwad, NIBM president, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena said, “Societies on NIBM road, mainly near Sunshree society area, Cloud 9 , Raheja Vista Premier, Ganga Kingston, Elina Living several youngsters have been causing nuisance to the citizens. Despite raising an alarm the residents did not find any respite to the problem, we approached the Kondhwa police station for help. We have asked them to put up a QR code outside society which will ensure timely patrolling in the area. The police officials have also agreed to increase the patrolling in the area.” 

Rohit Mahajan, a resident of Raheja Vista Premier told Pune Pulse that despite raising an alarm, the nuisance has continued even during the lockdown period. These youngsters often perform stunts on bikes, cars. Some lewd gestures to passerby as well as maids in the past have also happened. Now, people, mainly women feel insecure to walk on this road. Another problem here is of the dim street lights (mostly they are non -functional) this is one of the reason why the nuisance has increased. Street lights should lit up the area well so that these youngsters do not visit this area. 

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Nisha Gorde Monteiro, a resident of NIBM road said, “Mostly these youngsters are seen during the evening period. We, as residents feel very insecure about these youngsters who create nuisance, keep disturbing the peaceful environment. We want local Police to take some stern action against these youngsters.” 

Anil Inamdar, a resident living on Nibm road too complained that not just on Nibm road even in the internal roads these youngsters often sit beyond 12 at night. When we try to question them they become aggressive. We want police to take stern action against them and also step up patrolling too.

When Pune Pulse spoke to Sardar Patil, senior police inspector, Kondhwa police station, he said, “The residents had come with a complaint regarding the nuisance caused by the youngsters who are conducting stunts on bikes and cars. From Sunday onwards we are taking up the work of installing QR codes on several societies gate, such as Raheja Vista Premiere, Elina Living and Ganga Kingston and definitely step up the patrolling. Stern action against these youngsters shall also be taken.” 

Local corporator Sainath Babar of Prabhag 27 who was also present while submitting the letter stated that there have been several complaints in the past too. 

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