Residents of Joyville Hinjawadi Society Staged Silent Protest Against Builder Over Unresolved Issues 

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Over a 100 residents came together for a silent march against the builder Shapoorji Pallonji demanding basic rights. A resident on the condition of anonymity informed us that the builder has failed to provide us with certain amenities and services, such as potable drinking water and accessible motorable roads, multi purpose courts, etc. It’s been a year that we have been following up with the builders office but there has been no response. He has failed to keep the premises clean and hygienic too. 

Another resident who requested her name not be disclosed shared, “The residents protested demanding cleanliness, adequate water supply, uninterrupted power supply, and an accessible motorable road leading from main road to the society. I have been living here for a year now but the response has been silent from the builder’s side.” 

Another resident shared his plight. He said, “There are 1000 flats which are dependent on the jackwell which is located in the river nearby, which is drying. For the last 8 days we are receiving contaminated water. Our demand for water has increased between 30 to 50 tankers everyday.

But we are not provided water here. We live without water in a day for atleast 11 hours. We have informed the builder to give us a borewell or give us authorised water connections from the governing agencies. But he has not agreed to our demand. Since it’s in gram panchayat we have prolonged power cuts and inaccessible motorable roads. He has not yet provided us with Tennis court, multipurpose court,we were to get these amenities but it’s been a year we have been waiting.” 

When Pune Pulse contacted the builders office the company spokesperson said, “This is referring to our project, Joyville Hinjewadi. We would like to clarify that at Joyville, we have always given utmost importance to the interests and satisfaction of our valued customers. Also, we would like to highlight that we have handed over the project much ahead of the RERA timelines. In light of the recent water supply issue, we experienced an unforeseen event where the Mula River, which serves as a primary source of water, dried up due to extreme changes in temperature. Consequently, the water drawn from alternative sources did not meet our quality standards. However, as soon as we became aware of the water level going down at Mula River, we took immediate action to normalise the situation. We initiated the cleaning process of the overhead tanks, and arrangements for tanker water were made promptly in a controlled manner to ensure the provision of water to our residents. With the assistance of tankers, the water supply was restored immediately. We have been facing persistent issues regarding power cuts. While we empathise with the inconvenience caused by these power disruptions, it is important to note that the power supply is under Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited’s (MSEDCL) jurisdiction. However, we are actively discussing with them on how they can minimise the impact of power cuts and enhance the overall power supply situation for our residents. As a responsible developer, we remain committed to resolving these concerns. We have always prioritised customer satisfaction and are continuously dedicated to delivering a high-quality living experience to our home buyers.”

Renuka Suryavanshi