Pune : Bumper to Bumper Traffic at NIBM Chowk irks motorists

Pune Pulse
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Residents of Pune’s NIBM Chowk area in Kondhwa faced significant inconvenience as a massive traffic jam gripped the locality, leading to chaotic scenes on the roads. Motorists were left frustrated as the lack of traffic management aggravated the situation. Numerous reports highlighted the indiscipline among drivers, with vehicles attempting to overtake from all directions, further contributing to the congestion.

The traffic snarl stretched from Jyoti Restaurant Chowk to NIBM Chowk and even extended to internal lanes such as Kausar Baugh Masjid Road. Additionally, another affected junction, ABC Chowk, witnessed slow-moving traffic. Local residents speculate that the shutdown of the signal at Jyoti Restaurant Chowk could be one of the factors behind the sluggish traffic flow.

The absence of effective traffic management compounded by reckless driving behaviors has exacerbated the situation, causing distress to commuters. Authorities are urged to take immediate action to address the congestion and ensure the smooth movement of vehicles in the area. It is essential to deploy adequate personnel and reinstate proper signal functionality to alleviate the inconvenience faced by residents and restore order on the roads.