Residents of NIBM annexe raise safety concerns

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Citizens living in Imperial Towers, Raheja Vista Phase 3, Archana Paradise, Ganga Florentina ahead of Cloud 9 society on NIBM road often complained about youngsters causing nuisance in the area disturbing the peace.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Harshada Kshirsagar, a resident of the area said, “Often youngsters drive recklessly here on the road, smoke in public places, honk and make loud noise. This has disturbed our peace completely. When we raise our voice against such miscreants, these youngsters speak rudely with us and use foul language.”

Another resident from the area Saifuddin K said, “These youngsters drive rashly and create chaos till late night. This disturbs our sleep as they drive rashly and honk were loudly. I am hoping that the corporators take up the issue and help us resolve it. “

Local Corporator Prabhag 26 Pramod Bhangire to whom the residents raised their voice against the youths causing nuisance, he said, “In the past I have installed CCTV surveillance system, streetlights which has illuminated the area. The residents of the area have been given the access of the CCTV. Also, the issue of youths causing nuisance shall be taken with senior police officials and resolve it.”

The residents also mentioned that the Pune Municipal Corporation and local police should paint the speed breakers properly so that they are visible, increase in police patrolling which will curb the mischievous activities of the youths is needed at the earliest.

The residents complained that despite calling up on the control room, 100, 112 there was no response from the Police officials.