‘Run for maintaining your good health’, says Somasundar Menon

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Passionate Runner, Somasundar Menon, has been making waves in the running community with his impressive streak of running 10 km every single day without fail. An engineer by profession and a fitness enthusiast by choice, 57 year old is a Rose Icon society in Pimple Saudagar.

He began running sometime around 2015, joined a few neighbourhood groups, and began jogging a few days a week. Slowly, it gained momentum, and he began participating in races held by various running organisations.

Starting back in 2018 with a goal of completing 100 days, Som has now gone on to run for a total of 1766 days and more. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and other obstacles, Som has remained dedicated to his running routine and has covered a distance of over 26,000 km in the process. This includes participating in various events such as half marathons, full marathons, and even ultramarathons.

According to Som, the benefits of his running streak go beyond just physical health, as he has also learned important lessons about running. When he was asked by his friends, “How could he do 26,000 km,” he replied, “a bite at a time”, every day a bit adds up to the lot. Perseverance and taking things one step at a time. With his inspiring example, Som has become a role model for others looking to take on their own fitness challenges and push their limits.Till 14-01-2023 he has run a total of 1766 days in a streak. And have covered over 26,000 km, that is more than half of the earth’s circumference (equatorial circumference of earth is 40,075 km), and still going on.

“Health is everybody’s business, some realize it and some do not. For those who want to start some activity in the direction of better fitness, walking/running is easy to start. There is no perfect day to start, just start and see the magic. I am not a sports personality, nor do I carry an athletic physique. I am like any one amongst you, just started with a small step and repeated it every day, ” said Somsundar Menon.