Save ‘Pashan Baner Tekdi’ campaign on December 11

Residents, environment lovers, tekdi lovers, members of Vasundhara Abhiyan have come together to raise voice against the destruction of Pashan Baner tekdi on December 11 between 9.30 am to 11 am at behind Tekdi on Sus road, Baner. (24 K Sereno, Baner hills)

Deepak Shrote from Vasundhara Abhiyan informed that Pune Municipal Corporation had accepted their mistake of destroying Baner Hills and assured that the same won’t happen again. But in the last few days the residents are observing that the authorities are destroying the tekdi and creating roads. Smart City Pune and Pune Municipal Corporation on July 20, 2019 had assured the citizens that henceforth the tekdi won’t be destroyed.”

Shrote further reported that 6000 residents had held a signature campaign and stopped the further cutting of the hill. But after three years the same hill cutting has begun again. The residents are clueless as to why the authorities have taken up this Hill cutting and who is driving this unnecessary development on the hills ?

Several organisations have been appealed to the residents to participate in this initiative to oppose the cutting of Baner hill on December 11.

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