Savouring Pune’s Heritage: Exploring the City’s Iconic Bakeries 

Savouring Pune's Heritage: Exploring the City’s Iconic Bakeries

Savouring Pune's Heritage: Exploring the City’s Iconic Bakeries

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These iconic bakeries not only offer baked goods but also serve as custodians of Pune’s rich culinary heritage.

15 June 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

Nestled in the heart of Pune are hidden gems that have stood the test of time, delighting generations with their aromatic delights and traditional recipes. These iconic bakeries not only offer baked goods but also serve as custodians of Pune’s rich culinary heritage.

Royal Bakery: A Legacy Since 1906

Founded over a century ago, Royal Bakery remains a cornerstone of Pune’s baking culture. Run by descendants of its original founders, this bakery is famed for its ‘Royal Milk-o-vita’ milk bread and feather-light glass cakes. Its nostalgic ambiance and limited daily offerings, often sold out by morning, evoke a bygone era of freshness and tradition.

City Bakery: The Golden Legacy of Royal Bakery

From the lineage of Royal Bakery emerges City Bakery, established in the 1960s. Known for its wine biscuits, Brazil Nuts and sugar-dusted donuts available only on weekends, City Bakery continues the tradition of its predecessor with evening hours that cater to the city’s craving for baked perfection.

Khodayar Bakery: A Taste of Butter and Tradition

Founded in 2001, Khodayar Bakery has quickly become a favourite, especially for its buttery biscuits and exquisite cakes. Set to relocate to Pune-Solapur Road, this bakery offers a taste of Persian influence with treats like shrewsbury and savoury jira toast, ensuring each bite melts on the tongue.

Persian Bakery: Kneading Your Needs Since 1921

Located in Camp and Kalyani Nagar, Persian Bakery has been a pillar of Pune’s bakery scene since 1921. Supplying buns and breads to renowned Irani cafes, their offerings include butter khari, jam tarts and a variety of Danish pastries, all crafted with a motto that promises satisfaction.

Diamond Bakery: Crafting Freshness Since 2002

Born from Diamond Queen Cafe’s legacy, Diamond Bakery in Fatima Nagar epitomises freshness. Known for its mawa cakes, sandwiches, nankhatai biscuits and indulgent sandwiches, this bakery fills the air with a tempting aroma that beckons passersby to indulge in its diverse offerings.

Kayani Bakery: The Epitome of Pune’s Baking Legacy

No exploration of Pune’s bakeries is complete without mentioning Kayani Bakery, an institution since 1955. Famous for its shrewsbury biscuits, ginger biscuits, mawa cakes, and other cakes that disappear almost instantly, Kayani Bakery is a testament to timeless recipes and unwavering popularity among Punekars.

Spicer Bakery: Where Tradition Meets Taste

Operating within Spicer College, Spicer Bakery has been serving Pune for over a century. Known for chunky brownies, lamingtons and savoury snacks, this bakery upholds age-old recipes that delight both students and locals alike.

Pasteur Bakery: Camp’s Delightful Secret

Pasteur Bakery in Camp is synonymous with celebrations and everyday indulgences. From almond macaroons to eclairs and sponge cakes, this bakery caters to Pune’s diverse palate with treats that define both quality and tradition.

These bakeries not only offer baked goods but also serve as cultural landmarks, each bite telling a story of resilience, tradition and the pursuit of perfection. As Pune evolves, these institutions remain steadfast, ensuring that the city’s love affair with baked delights continues for generations to come.