Southern Command Pune Declares 2047 As Net Zero Carbon Year

Southern Command Pune Declares 2047 As Net Zero Carbon Year

Southern Command Pune Declares 2047 As Net Zero Carbon Year

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In a major development, aligned to the Government of India’s mission of achieving, ‘Net Zero Bharat’ status by 2070, Southern Command located at Pune, has undertaken the pioneering initiative of achieving ‘Net Zero Southern Command’ status by 15 August 2047, to coincide with the centenary celebrations of Independent India. 

Lt Gen Ajai Kumar Singh, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, Sena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, in order to achieve this visionary mission, tasked the formations of Southern Command to carry out detailed study of the carbon footprint, in consultation with certified Subject Matter Experts. 

The study involved mapping of carbon dioxide (C02) emitters and quantum of emissions in the entire Southern Command area of responsibility, which comprises of almost 40% of the total land mass of the country. The findings have been derived through Al based extrapolations, adhering to international norms and United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) guidelines. These have been studied in detail, to enable strategy formulation for mitigating carbon emissions so as to achieve the aim set to achieve the mission. 

A great amount of analysis and detailed studies, using Artificial Intelligence Tools, have been carried out to extrapolate the anticipated CO2 emissions at the current rate of growth for the period upto 2047 and also the mitigation efforts required to achieve the objective. 

The task ahead for the entire Southern Command, in order to achieve the set goals requires multi-pronged efforts namely, increasing Solar Capacity, implement Zero Land Fill Project by 2030, undertake Water Rejuvenation Projects, LEDisation and installation of Smart Meters, treatment of Effluent Discharge and Solid Waste Management, employing Green Building Materials and in-built effluent treatment in accordance with GRIHA 3 norms in all future greenfield projects, EViation of vehicle fleet, adoption of energy saving measures in production and operation of military equipment, installation of Al based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition of Systems, at all sub-stations to monitor and regulate electricity and water usage, augmentation of afforestation with native trees with minimal water requirement in un-zoned land parcels to act as ‘green lungs’. Southern Command will also publish ‘Annual Net Zero Sustainability Report’ from Assessment Year 2025 to 2047 to audit the annual mitigation achieved.

The mission of achieving ‘Net Zero Southern Command’, would enable Southern Command to partake in the Carbon Credit economy, thereby creating a potential to earn significant revenue on the ‘Polluter Pay Principle’ being instituted by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Government of India. This shall also ensure that all 45 Military Stations of Southern Command graduate from being ‘Green Station’ to ‘Net Zero Sustainable Habitat’, as being pursued by the Government of India, being signatory to G20 and aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSG) Goal No 11, as promulgated. 

Once implemented, the Net Zero Mitigation Strategy so adopted, shall precede the Government of India’s declaration to achieve the same by 2070, thus becoming the pioneer Command of the Indian Army, to achieve this milestone and create a benchmark for others to emulate.

This outstanding pioneering initiative, with a great vision for a better future, undertaken by Southern Command will not only decarbonise the energy portfolios to clean energy but also contribute towards a healthier quality of life across all its military stations and adjoining areas and its populace.