Stunning wedding in Swiss Alps goes viral

Stunning wedding in Swiss Alps goes viral

The bride's stunning entrance from a giant ice cube at a snowy wedding in Zermatt, Switzerland.

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A dream wedding took place in Switzerland, surrounded by snowy alpine peaks, and it’s taking social media by storm. This unique event, shared by Lebanese Weddings on Instagram, features a bride making a grand entrance from a huge ice cube. The wedding was held in Zermatt, Switzerland, next to the majestic Matterhorn peak.

In the video, violinists dressed as snow angels played beautiful music, enhancing the magical atmosphere. The wedding aisle was a clear snow pathway decorated with white flowers sculpted from ice. The couple even posed inside an ice sculpture. The stunning venue was located at a height of 2,222 meters, and the family celebrated joyfully with the couple.

Since it was posted on April 16, the video has garnered over 24,000 likes. The caption reads, “Brrrr-ing on the wedding adventure! This Zermatt wedding was truly exceptional, featuring a stunning backdrop, mesmerizing entertainment, and a bride who emerged from an ice sculpture to steal the show! Would you get married in this ‘frosty chic’ setting?”

One user commented, “So impressed with this!!!!!!” Another added, “Beautiful.” A third user said, “That’s a fantasy I would have never thought I’d see in real life, love it.”

Someone humorously asked, “Weren’t they freezing?” while another praised, “So unique, congratulations to the couple and the designer with such amazing creativity!”

Another user summed it up, saying, “Omg, no words to say how beautiful this wedding is. Very nice and different style!! Congratulations to the bride and groom, many years together to celebrate.”