Sudden Layoffs At Workplace Leave Retained Employee With Bitter Taste In Mouth

Sudden Layoffs At Workplace Leave Retained Employee With Bitter Taste In Mouth

Sudden Layoffs At Workplace Leave Retained Employee With Bitter Taste In Mouth

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In his message, the social media user acknowledged that, considering his work habits, he was surprised that he had not been fired. 

7th June 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari 

A poignant narrative regarding a recent workforce reduction within their organisation was shared by a Reddit user identified as @AnonymousEmployee123. The post, which has garnered over 9,400 upvotes, delineates the manner in which an overwhelming 80% of their team was made redundant, emphasising the perceived lack of personal engagement in the process. The absence of an opportunity to bid farewell to departing colleagues was underscored within the narrative.

The user conveyed on Reddit that there existed no final interaction amongst the team. Additionally, personal anecdotes detailing the hardships faced by former colleagues were disclosed, including instances such as his boss being burdened with the responsibility of supporting two children, while another coworker had recently undertaken the significant financial commitment of purchasing a residence and relocating for employment purposes. Furthermore, another individual had recently got married. 

Within the discourse, the social media user acknowledged their surprise at being retained amidst the layoffs, attributing this to their work habits. They admitted,”I slack off, do the bare minimum, always take an extra hour for lunch, show up 1/2 days in the office when I feel like it (3 days min required), and I never show up on time.” He expressed his surprise at how everything unfolded that day, mentioning that it was his first time experiencing stress levels this high at work. 

In the now-viral message, users expressed their shame over being kept. “Even though I still intend to leave, their presence makes me feel as though I owe them something, which makes me feel worse since maybe one of them should have stayed over me. Right now, I’m at a loss on what to do.”

Reddit users responded in a variety of ways to his article. One of the users commented, “You’re probably one of the lowest-paid employees.” One more person said, “This is it. They can now save a ton of money by shifting the other obligations onto you.”

“To be honest, this is what I’ve experienced. Anxiety combined with RBF is the key ingredient. When it comes time for reviews, I always appear anxious and serious, which helps a lot,” a third person commented.