Sundar Pichai uses 20 phones at a time.  Find out why?

Sundar Pichai uses 20 phones at a time. Find out why?

Sundar Pichai uses 20 phones at a time. Find out why?

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Google CEO, Sundar Pichai in a recent interview revealed that he uses 20 phones at a time.

The reason behind the same is that he needs to test different devices to make sure that Google products work well without causing any hindrance on all the devices.

He also revealed his thoughts about Artificial Intelligence (AI), he thinks that AI will be the most important invention In the human history and even spoke about its impact on basic things like fire and electricity.
Pichai also spoke about his other tech habits.

Talking about how he keeps his account safe, he revealed that he relies on two-factor authentication for extra security and does not change his passwords that frequently.

Speaking about phone habits for his children, he believes that Children should have a deadline on using screen.
Though Pichai himself is a technologically-advanced man, he is not only a responsible parent in todays digital world but also a tech aware person who uses the growing technology carefully.

Even though he’s an American citizen, he stays connected to the culture of India. This depicts his open thoughts to encourage and stay connected to the culture.

Moreover, using 20 phones at a time shows how responsible he is as a leader and shows innovtive skills by keeping constant check by himself.

Through this interview with Sundar Pichai, public can learn various qualities such as parenting, ideation, tech-innovation and leadership.