Tanveer Sanman presented to Lucky Gupta in Pune 

Pune Pulse Tanveer Sanman presented to Lucky Gupta in Pune 

Tanveer Sanman presented to Lucky Gupta in Pune 

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Pune, November 19 :  “In today’s times, we need a democratic theatre wherein all types of plays are permitted to be staged in any space, unrestricted by location and where there is freedom to express our thoughts as well as present the content in diverse forms,” asserted veteran theatre artist and Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee; Rajeev Naik.

This year, the prestigious ‘Tanveer Sanman’ which is jointly established by Dr. Shriram Lagoo’s Rupvedh Pratishthan and Maharashtra Cultural Centre, was conferred upon to Lucky Gupta at the hands of Rajeev Naik; in an event that took place at the Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha, Tilak Road yesterday. The ‘Tanveer Sanman’ was presented in the form of Rs 75,000/- in cash and a memento.

Dignitaries like Dr Mohan Agashe, S P Kulkarni; President and Chairman of Maharashtra Cultural Centre, Deepa Lagoo, Dr Anand Lagoo, Shubhangi Damle, Rajesh Deshmukh and others were also present on the occasion.

Lucky Gupta has toured across India, performing various solo plays in more than 800 different places under the concept of ‘Theatre on Wheels.’ He presented the 1306th show of the play ‘Maa Mujhe Tagore Bana De’ while concluding yesterday’s event.

Expressing his views about democratic theatre, Naik said, “In this type of theatre, it is important to understand other’s thoughts without any kind of hatred. This theatre will make the audience aware that they have the responsibility to introspect as much as they have the right to criticize. The different forms along with the content are of importance here. With the experimentation of democratic theatre, all other types of theatres will reach the audience.”

“A democratic theatre shouldn’t only be for the majority, but the few people with different thoughts and opinions should also be respected here. One should have the right to express one’s opinion as well as defend one’s point on this kind of platform, but only while considering democracy too. If an ideology is not acceptable, at least the readiness to listen to those ideas should be there,” Naik added.

Lucky Gupta expressed that this award has motivated him to go ahead and take bigger steps in life. Dr Mohan Agashe introduced the program and Rajesh Deshmukh presented the Vote of Thanks. Gauri Lagoo welcomed, Dr Anand Lagoo explained the concept of the program, while Shubhangi Damle moderated the event.