Tech glitch causes 2 hrs delay for Pune-Dubai flight; 180 passengers stuck in aircraft for 2 hours 

SpiceJet to Lay Off 1,400 Employees to Cut Costs

SpiceJet to Lay Off 1,400 Employees to Cut Costs

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Due to a technical issue, 180 passengers on a SpiceJet flight from Pune (SG-51) to Dubai had to wait in the aircraft for two hours after boarding on Saturday.

According to a passenger, the aircraft started a taxi on the runway after they boarded it at about eight o’clock at night. The plane abruptly stopped while it was still on the taxiway, and the captain eventually reported that there was a technical issue and that the plane would not take off right away. They were disappointed, but they were at a loss for what to do.

The flyer went on to say that none of the cabin crew expressed interest in letting the passengers get off the aircraft while they waited for take-off. He, along with many other passengers, asked to wait in the terminal building, but to no avail. The aircraft would be ready for flight in ten to fifteen minutes, according to the cabin crew.

According to an airline representative, on February 10, SpiceJet flight SG-51 from Pune to Dubai, which was supposed to take off at 8 p.m., experienced a delay at first because a few passengers had to be called back to customs for additional baggage screening. With all of the passengers on board, the aircraft took off at 8:35 p.m. However, a technical problem caused it to return to the bay. At 9:56 p.m., the flight finally took off.

There were numerous women and children on board, according to another passenger, who stated that the situation was grave. The airline should not have turned off the air conditioning and left passengers stranded in this manner.

The flyers stated that the flight departed at approximately 10:20 p.m. There have been occasions in the past when technical issues caused the flight to be delayed.

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