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Dr. Thorat’s Dental Care and Implant Centre marks a triumphant 18-year milestone in Wanowrie, extending heartfelt gratitude to the cherished patients for their trust and support in the journey of success


Malti Chothani

“I had no teeth in lower jaw and I was looking very old. Implants for all teeth were done and now I can eat almost everything with confidence. The process was also very comfortable.” – Malti Chothani

Latika Sonawane

“The treatment was very good. I don’t feel any problem now. Even while treating the dentures issue, process was excellent. Dr Thorat’s service has been very good.” – Latika Sonawane

Meena Kaamdaar

“I went to Dr Thorat for implant treatment. It was done tremendously where the doctor repaired the incorrect treatment which was done by another doctor & additional implants were also done for upper jaw & lower jaw. Now, I don’t have any complain as the treatment was very good & the overall service was awesome.” – Meena Kaamdaar

Vishnuprasad Malpani, Parbhani

“The implant process has been done very properly. The clinic is also well-maintained & hygienic. The staff is very polite & nice towards the patients. Dr Thorat has implanted all of my teeth skillfully without any kind of mistake. Really very good.” – Vishnuprasad Malpani, Parbhani

Mallinath Shahane, Solapur

“Before teeth implantation, I used to go through a lot of headache of using fake teeth (kavli) etc. However, now, the teeth health has become excellent. The implant was done a month ago. The treatment is very best. In Solapur, the implant process is very tedious & slow. But Dr Thorat has done it very quickly, skillfully & properly. I have never seen an implantation work of such precision & quality. Very nice.” – Mallinath Shahane, Solapur

Pramila Nair

“I took implant treatment from Dr Thorat. It was very good where the doctor did the treatment very nicely. The treatment was done for the entire mouth. I can see the positive difference now. I will surely recommend Dr Thorat to everyone.” – Pramila Nair

Snehal Shirwalkar, Kharadi, Pune

“The treatment was done in an excellent manner. I had an implant treatment with Doctor Thorat which was done last October. His technique, skills, method of treating patients and much more is remarkable. Along with treatment, the clinic staff is also very good & polite. The hopes with which I went to the doctor for my implant were rightly addressed to and fulfilled by his treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr Thorat to people who I know.” – Snehal Shirwalkar, Kharadi, Pune

Ashok Chakowate, Fatimanagar, Pune

“The treatment from the Doctor was very good. The rate for the implant is also excellent. It was excellent as now I do not feel any kind of pain. The implant & his treatment was awesome. I would give 100 on 100marks to Dr Thorat.” – Ashok Chakowate, Fatimanagar, Pune

Laxman Joshi, Mohammadwadi, Pune

“I am a 72 year old person. In last 4 years, some of my teeth had been broken. However, Dr Thorat has implanted a total of 20 teeth of mine. Now, I can eat very well. My digestion has improved as well. Dr Thorat is very expert in implantation.” – Laxman Joshi, Mohammadwadi, Pune

Sudam Gogawale, Wanowrie, Pune

“I had done my implant treatment with Dr Thorat. The experience of the treatment was very good. The rate was very reasonable as well. There was absolutely no problem faced. As I am an aged person, I wanted to make sure to do treatment from a high quality & skillful doctor. The treatment has been commandable after which I had given some references to him too. Their treatment also has been very good.” – Sudam Gogawale, Wanowrie, Pune

Satyawan Kedari, Wanowrie, Pune

“The Doctor is excellent & very much skillful. I have got treatment from him about implant. I am feeling naturally very good, such high quality is Dr Thorat’s treatment. His work, his behaviour towards his patients is very kind. I genuinely felt excellent.” – Satyawan Kedari, Wanowrie, Pune

Makarand Mandhare, Bibvewadi, Pune

“The doctor has very good skills as the implant treatment was done in excellent manner. Thorat doctor is a true specialist. People from overseas come to train under him. The clinic is also very good & hygienic. Treatment is also awesome & at very reasonable rates.” – Makarand Mandhare, Bibvewadi, Pune

On the occasion of completing 18 years of excellence in dentistry,  Dr Thorat’s Dental Care & Implant Center is offering dental implants at “NO PROFIT – NO LOSS” BASIS WITH A HUGE 40% DISCOUNT

Dr. AMOL THORAT, MDS (MUM) MOI (USA), Prosthodontist & Implantolgist

Dr. MADHURI THORAT, B.D.S, Dental Surgeon

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