Tragic Incident: Six Girls Rescued, One Missing After Swimming at Khadakwasla Dam near Gorhe Village

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In a tragic turn of events, four young girls are believed to have met with a drowning accident in the waters of Khadakwasla dam, located near Gorhe village in Haveli. The girls were engaging in a swimming activity when the incident occurred.

The local administration revealed that a group of nine girls had embarked on a picnic to the dam on Monday morning. With the intention of taking a swim, they entered the water, unaware of the strong currents that awaited them. Unfortunately, the powerful currents swiftly overwhelmed them, leading to their being swept away.

The girls went swimming behind Kalmadi farms in Gorhe Budruk. Out of which seven went swimming. Five were rescued by the villagers while two went missing. The PMRDA rescue team conducted a search operation and rescued one girl while the search for the second one is still being continued.

Two ambulances have been dispatched for further medical assistance, while six girls have been shifted to Khanapur primary health care center by 108 medical teams. As per the Medical health officer Khanapur, five patients are stable and have been discharged. One patient is shifted for further medical assistance to Khanapur. The rescue team is conducting a search operation for the remaining one girl.

Promptly, local residents and others sprang into action, initiating a rescue operation that successfully saved the lives of seven of the girls. The search for the remaining missing girls is currently underway.

Upon receiving the report, local authorities swiftly initiated a rescue operation, involving the collaborative efforts of the fire department, police personnel, and dedicated local volunteers. The ongoing operation has been confronted with challenges due to the forceful currents present in the dam. These formidable conditions have hindered the progress of divers and rescue personnel attempting to access the water.

Nevertheless, authorities have provided reassurance that they are fully committed to employing every available resource in locating the missing girls and ensuring their safety.

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