Trains Departing from Patna Junction to Experience Speed Boost with Enhanced Coaches.

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Trains departing from Patna Junction are set to witness an increase in speed, with plans to replace old coaches with modern ones designed to run at speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. The transformation involves upgrading from traditional coaches to Vande Bharat-style coaches, constructed to achieve speeds ranging from 160 to 200 kilometers per hour. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and speed of key trains originating from Patna.

Notably, the replacement of coaches will impact several significant trains departing from Patna Junction, including Rajendra Nagar-ALD Junction, Danapur-Pune, Patliputra-ALD Junction, Vikramshila Express, Magadh, Islampur-Hatia, Danapur Jan Sadharan, Shramjeevi, Patna-Kota, Punjab Mail, Archana, Haridwar HWH-Kumbh, Rajendra Nagar-Durg, Vibhuti Express, and Sampoorna Kranti.

Railway authorities emphasize that the transition from old Integral Coach Factory (ICF) coaches to modern Stainless Steel coaches is essential for achieving higher speeds. The older ICF coaches were designed to run at a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour due to their heavier construction, resulting in increased maintenance costs and reduced seating capacity. In contrast, the modern coaches, reminiscent of Vande Bharat coaches, are lighter, robust, and built for higher speeds.

In addition to the coach replacement initiative, the Indian Railways is actively working on various measures to enhance train speeds, including the implementation of an automatic signaling system and modernizing the railway tracks. 

The Vande Bharat-style coaches also feature automatic doors similar to those in metro systems, prioritizing passenger safety and convenience. The doors, designed to open only when the train comes to a complete stop, contribute to the overall modernization efforts underway in the railway sector.

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