Undri citizens hold protest against unjustified property tax

Members of Undri Village Citizens Action Committee on December 20 began a protest against the unjustified property tax. The protest will continue till the Pune Municipal Corporation responds to the plea raised by the residents. The protest is supported by all local political parties. Members of Nationalist Congress Party, Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena (Shinde faction).

Jalinder Kamthe, former member, Pune District Planning Committee said, “PMC must revise the property tax which has been revised for the merged villages. I urge PMC to wave off property tax for the Covid period which was a tough period for all the businesses. All the merged villages must get revised property tax as the taxes which have been levied are unjustified. There are several issues from the area which needs immediate attention by PMC. Roads, reducing congestion on main Undri Phursungi road, water supply and revision in property tax. ”

Sachin Ghule, former leader of house, Pune District said, “The residents of especially Undri have been in trouble due to the increased taxes. We have been raising voice against the inflated property tax bills being issued by PMC. The old property owners have received inflated bills without any justification. We want PMC to take a policy decision and revise the property tax. There have been no amenities being provided by PMC against the taxes that are charged ever since Undri was merged in PMC limits.”

Rajendra Bhintade, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader from Undri said, “Undri residents are deprived of water, proper access roads, amenities such as schools, hospitals and public amenities. In reality, we are being charged for amenities we don’t have in our area. PMC should justify the taxes that are charged and also provide us with the details of where the money have been used for the development projects in Undri.”

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