Vande Bharat Express shatters stereotypes for polish tourist on India trip

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A senior executive from Poland, Szymon Kopec, working at Truecaller, shared her transformative experience during a trip to India, particularly highlighting the impact of traveling on the Vande Bharat Express. Kopec, a product director of the global caller ID app, explained that her mother’s first visit to India, contrary to preconceived stereotypes, left her awe-struck and ready to recommend India as an ideal holiday destination.

While acknowledging the stereotypical portrayal of India in Poland, often emphasizing slums and overcrowded trains, Kopec emphasized how the journey on the semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express shattered these preconceived notions. In a post on X, Kopec expressed, “Taking a perfectly on-time Vande Bharat debunked some stereotypes.”

Reflecting on her mother’s experiences during the trip, Kopec described the allure of the mundane aspects of daily life in India, such as taxi rides and grocery shopping. She highlighted her mother’s fascination with the diversity of curry spices and the abundance of vegetation, which, in Europe, would require significant maintenance but thrived wildly in India.

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 8.5 lakh views and 21,000 likes.

“What a wonderful read. Of course no place is perfect & we can always improve but I’m glad she had a delightful experience here. Next time she’s here & if it’s possible consider a trip to a hill station like Manali. The true beauty of both the country & the people in such places,” a user said.

Another person added, “That’s very heartening to hear! Next trip please be our guests in Chandigarh & give us a chance to show you around parts of the Simla hills & green Punjab.”

A third person commented, “I am so glad that you enjoyed the experience of India.It is indeed a wonderful place despite all the news and opinions floating around about India

In addition to the scenic train journey, Kopec’s mother was captivated by the green and well-maintained neighbourhoods in Delhi. The vibrant tech ecosystem in India also left a lasting impression, showcasing advancements that surprised Kopec’s mother, especially in comparison to the tech landscape in Poland.

The post encapsulates the transformative impact of travel on breaking stereotypes and showcasing the multifaceted and diverse aspects of India beyond conventional portrayals. The positive experience of the Vande Bharat Express journey contributes to changing perceptions and promoting a more nuanced understanding of the country.

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