Vande Metro: Indian Railways Set to Roll Out New Train Soon!

Vande Metro: Indian Railways Set to Roll Out New Train Soon!

Vande Metro: Indian Railways Set to Roll Out New Train Soon!

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Indian Railways is preparing to launch a new train, the Vande Metro, designed for short-distance intercity travel. This new addition to the railway network aims to enhance the travel experience for passengers over smaller distances, inspired by the successful Vande Bharat Express.

Vande Metro Launch Date

The Vande Metro was first announced by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw in February 2023. Two prototypes of the Vande Metro are currently being manufactured at the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala and the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai. These prototypes are expected to be completed in the coming months and will undergo extensive testing before their official launch.

Vande Metro vs. Vande Bharat

Similar to the Vande Bharat Express, the Vande Metro is a self-propelled train set, meaning it does not require a separate locomotive. The primary goal of the Vande Metro is to replace Mainline EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) trains, offering passengers a faster and more comfortable travel option. 

Speed and Performance

The Vande Metro will utilize rapid acceleration and deceleration technology to achieve a top operational speed of 130 kmph, significantly faster than the current Mainline EMUs.

Passenger Comfort and Features

The Vande Metro will feature fully air-conditioned coaches, ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers. Key features include:

Sealed Gangways: Easier movement between coaches and a dust-free environment.

Automatic Doors: Facilitating smooth entry and exit for passengers.

Mobile Charging Sockets: Providing convenience for charging electronic devices.

KAVACH System: An anti-collision system for enhanced safety.

Diffused Lighting: Creating a pleasant ambiance inside the train.

Route Indicator Displays: Keeping passengers informed about their journey.

Wide Panoramic Sealed Windows: Equipped with roller blinds for better views and comfort.

Comfortable Seating: Contemporary designed lightweight cushioned seats and a lightweight car body.

Capacity: Each coach will accommodate 100 seated passengers and provide standing room for an additional 200 individuals.

Expected Routes

Vande Metro trains are likely to operate on several key routes, including:

  • Agra-Mathura
  • Delhi-Rewari
  • Lucknow-Kanpur
  • Tirupati-Chennai
  • Bhubaneswar-Balasore

The number of coaches in the Vande Metro trains will vary between 12 and 16, depending on the demand of the specific routes.

The introduction of the Vande Metro promises to revolutionize short-distance intercity travel in India, providing passengers with a faster, more comfortable, and more efficient travel experience. As the prototypes near completion and testing begins, the anticipation for this new addition to Indian Railways continues to build.