Vande Sadharan train completes trial run from Mumbai to Ahmedabad

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On November 8, 2023, Indian Railways successfully conducted the trial run of the Vande Sadharan express from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. This non-AC train, comprising 22 coaches, will offer both sleeper and general class accommodation, ensuring a comfortable journey for approximately 1,800 passengers.

Equipped with advanced features like CCTV surveillance and sensor-based facilities, this train aims to ensure the utmost safety and convenience for travelers.

Notably, the presence of engines on both ends enhances its operational flexibility, while its maximum speed limit of 130 kmph makes it ideal for longer routes over 500 kilometres.

The upcoming launch of the Vande Sadharan train on prominent routes like Mumbai – New Delhi, Patna – New Delhi, Howrah – New Delhi, Hyderabad – New Delhi, and Ernakulam – Guwahati is highly anticipated, promising a cost-effective and pleasant travel option for passengers.