Varsoli Toll Naka : Lonavla citizens to go on strike against double toll tax

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Citizens of Lonavla under the banner of ‘Me Lonavlekar’ have expressed their anger against the double collection of toll taxes at the Kusgaon toll naka at the Valvan village on the Mumbai -Pune expressway. The issue heated up when the citizens driving from Varsoli toll naka on the Mumbai Pune National Highway pay tax at this toll booth. After which the heavy vehicles driving towards Mumbai take the expressway from the Valvan pass as vehicles are not allowed to drive through Lonavla city. However, as soon as they reach the expressway, they are demanded to pay again.

Earlier, a single payment receipt of toll was accepted till 2021, but presently toll is collected twice. The issue arose when heavy vehicles were banned from Lonavala city. The citizens are demanding that the toll should be accepted only once at Varsoli toll naka.