Video of overcrowded Bengaluru metro goes viral. Check here. 

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A recent viral video on social media has brought Bengaluru’s metro system to the forefront, showcasing scenes reminiscent of Mumbai’s infamous local trains during peak hours. 

The six-second clip captures the alarming reality of overcrowding within Bengaluru’s public transportation network, highlighting the daily challenges faced by commuters.

The video has garnered significant attention and ignited discussions and comparisons, with the caption reading, “Bangalore guys used to laugh at Mumbai locals until they got their own public transport.” 

The footage depicts women attempting to squeeze into compartments with a sizeable number still waiting outside the gates, unable to board the train.

Despite banter between Mumbai and Bengaluru residents about their respective public transport quality, the fundamental truth remains that citizens of both cities have yet to see significant improvements in public infrastructure, despite the taxes they pay.

Commuting in Bengaluru, often referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ has become an arduous experience. The traffic bottlenecks that occur on a daily basis are a source of distress for commuters, with numerous individuals being trapped in jams for hours. The city, renowned for its innovation and technological advancements, grapples with an aging and overwhelmed public transportation system.

Regarding the metro video, one commentator amusingly remarks, “Experiencing the flavors of Vada Pao & Misal Pao in Bengaluru.” Some individuals compare Bengaluru’s metro to a “refined version of Mumbai’s local train system.” They further state, “The crux of the matter is that the public infrastructure requires further expansion and consistently falls short of meeting public demands. By the time the planned projects are completed, we are already lagging behind the overall requirements, leaving people yearning for more!”

Several X users shared their opinions on the matter. One user expressed disappointment in the lack of focus on providing adequate public transportation in MUM-BLR and other cities in India. Another user noted that residents of Bengaluru are quick to poke fun at themselves.