Viral Post: Bengaluru man’s allegations against Zoomcar prompt company response

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A Bengaluru resident’s recent post on X detailing his experience with Zoomcar has stirred a significant response, with accusations of the company running what he termed a “straight-up scam.”

In the post, X user Adithya Venkatesan accused Zoomcar of employing a “dark pattern” to collect money from customers without being held accountable for subsequent issues.

Venkatesan alleged that after making a payment, Zoomcar introduces the caveat of verification, which occurs only after the payment has been processed. He claimed that if verification fails, customers are left unable to contact anyone at the company to resolve the issue, effectively disappearing after collecting the payment, with no option for refunds.

Users reactions sharing their views

” Been through that, had to file a consumer complaint, used chatgpt also to write those long emails.. took 4 months to get my money back, no compensation for jeopardizing the trip though”

“The company is not doing too well on the public markets. So something’s definitely up,” shared an X user.

“I have had terrible experiences twice. Never using Zoomcar again,” posted another

” That happens when you copy business models from USA and do Zero innovation. Zipcar is doing great in US. On the other hand zoom car has lost ground in India and is now resorting to scams like these.”

The post garnered widespread attention, accumulating over 96,000 views and prompting numerous reactions and comments.

Zoomcar responded to the allegations, stating that they had reviewed Venkatesan’s profile and observed a discrepancy between the face on his driver’s license and the uploaded selfie, leading to the rejection of his profile.

In a follow-up tweet, Zoomcar assured Venkatesan that a full refund had been initiated since he canceled the booking, and it should reflect in his account within 5-7 business days. The company also offered further assistance and clarification via direct message.

The exchange highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in customer service, with both individuals and companies taking to social media platforms to voice their concerns and respond to grievances.

“We are fully committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers, and we will continue to prioritise their safety and security above all else.* said Greg Moran, Co-founder & CEO, Zoomcar.

As a Nasdaq-listed company, we uphold rigorous standards of safety and integrity in all aspects of our operations and it is non negotiable. Customer verification plays a pivotal role in the well-being of both our guests and hosts community ensuring a secure environment for everyone involved. Failure to do so leads to a booking cancellation with automatic refund which takes 7-10 days.