Viral: Varun Grover takes a jibe on Zomato’s announcement of the ‘Pure Veg Mode’

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Social media platforms buzzed with a mix of wit, humor, and playful banter as users shared their thoughts on the new offering.

Varun Grover, renowned for his prowess in stand-up comedy and contributions to the Hindi film industry as a lyrics and screenplay writer, couldn’t resist adding his signature wit to the discussion surrounding Zomato’s ‘Veg Fleet.’ Known for his keen observational humor and sharp commentary on social issues, Grover’s commentary likely injected a dose of levity and satire into the conversation.

Varun Grover wrote,

“Can you please ensure that the delivery partners & their families are also pure veg- otherwise they may just be serving khichdi after eating chicken for lunch with the same hands. Also what about the veg status of the farmers who have grown the rice used in pure veg khichdi?” 

Memes and GIFs flooded timelines, with users creatively illustrating their interpretations of Zomato’s latest initiative. 

What is Zomato’s ‘Veg Mode’:

Spearheaded by Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal, aims to cater specifically to customers adhering to a pure vegetarian dietary preference, addressing their concerns regarding food preparation and handling.

Acknowledging India’s status as home to the largest percentage of vegetarians globally, Goyal emphasized the importance of accommodating the dietary preferences of this demographic. He underscored the feedback received from vegetarian customers, highlighting their discernment regarding food preparation and handling practices.

The ‘Pure Veg Mode’ feature will curate restaurants exclusively offering pure vegetarian cuisine, ensuring that orders from these establishments are handled exclusively by the dedicated ‘Pure Veg Fleet.’ This segregation ensures that non-vegetarian meals or vegetarian meals from non-vegetarian establishments do not enter the delivery boxes designated for the ‘Pure Veg Fleet.’

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