Viral Video Shows Headmistress Allegedly Assaulting Teacher in School

Viral Video Shows Headmistress Allegedly Assaulting Teacher in School

Viral Video Shows Headmistress Allegedly Assaulting Teacher in School

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A disturbing video from Sigana village in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, has surfaced on social media, capturing an altercation between a headmistress and a female teacher at a pre-secondary school. 

The incident, which occurred recently, has sparked outrage online and drawn attention from an English news agency.

In the video, the headmistress is seen allegedly assaulting the teacher, identified as Gunjan Chaudhary, and attempting to tear her clothes. The footage, recorded by an individual present at the scene, depicts the headmistress physically attacking the teacher while others intervene to stop the altercation. Additionally, voices can be heard urging the headmistress to desist from her actions.

According to reports, the confrontation resulted in injuries to the teacher, prompting outcry from fellow educators and viewers of the video. The headmistress’s driver also appears in the footage, attempting to mediate the situation, but the altercation persists. Verbal exchanges between the teacher and the headmistress further escalate the conflict.

In response to the incident, it has been revealed that the headmistress filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the injured teacher, and local authorities have launched an investigation into the matter. 

Meanwhile, public reaction to the viral video has been one of indignation, particularly concerning the occurrence of such violence within a school setting. Here are some reactions:

“With role models like these teacher/principal, imagine the fights between students in this school. The entire staff seems be devoid of basic values”

“Private schools have become shops where these teachers are salesperson and poor parents r just customers .. what do they teach to the students.. frustrated principal.. and surely her degrees would be from diploma mills”

As investigations continue, the video serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment in educational institutions, and highlights the need for swift and appropriate action to address instances of misconduct and violence.