Viral video: Woman Abuses Uber Driver After Cab Breakdown; Divides Internet

Viral video: Woman Abuses Uber Driver After Cab Breakdown; Divides Internet

Viral video: Woman Abuses Uber Driver After Cab Breakdown; Divides Internet

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A video capturing a heated argument between a female passenger and an Uber driver has ignited a fierce debate online. 

The incident began when the cab broke down mid-journey, prompting the woman to lash out at the driver. In the video, she accuses him of being rude and questions why he is driving a “cheap” car. 

Despite the driver’s attempts to explain that refunds are processed through Uber’s app, she demands a cash refund and threatens to take legal action.

The clip opens with the woman verbally attacking the driver. She continues to insult his livelihood, calling him “badtameez” (rude) and belittling his vehicle. The Uber driver tries to defend himself, explaining that he depends on this job, but his pleas for understanding fall on deaf ears. The woman dismisses his explanations and mocks his status.

As the argument escalates, the driver threatens to report her behavior to Uber, but this only fuels her anger. She threatens him with physical violence and vows to publicly shame him.

The date and location of the incident is not known.

The video has sparked widespread reactions from social media users. In the comments section, netizens expressed outrage at the woman’s behaviour. They also condemned her lack of respect and empathy. 

“Such instances should be taken cognizance by authorities and strict action taken for misbehaving with on duty driver working hard to earn a living but some people misuse women empowerment laws and bring down ethics of our society,” wrote one user. 

“Police should note the incident in their records and create a file for these types of people so that in the future, if these types of ladies falsely accuse someone, the accused does not have to go to jail until proven guilty,” suggested another. 

“She has crossed the limits very clearly! Her behaviour is not acceptable even if the can driver might not have maintained the vehicle properly. This isn’t the way of treating a fellow human being,” commented a third user. 

However, some users sided with the woman and argued that the responsibility lies with the driver to maintain a properly functioning vehicle for customer satisfaction. “She is right as a customer. Language might not be correct but there is no law & order or rules in India .. If can aggregator is earning money from customers they should be held accountable for passenger safety, security, Good working car and assurance of completing journey,” wrote one user. 

The video has since divided the internet, with viewers debating the actions of both the passenger and the driver.