Wagholi : Bakori road residents approach Bombay High Court for construction of access road

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Wagholi: Residents of the Bakori Road in Wagholi have been struggling for more than a decade to get the authorities to construct a road that exists only on paper. Despite holding protests, signature campaigns, meetings with government officials, and several representations, the authorities have not been able to construct the road.

As a result, the Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA), representing the residents of the Bakori Road neighborhood, had approached the Bombay High Court to demand the construction of the Bakori Road. The only access road to the region has large potholes, is partially constructed, and is extremely hazardous for vehicles and pedestrians.

“The road is not constructed due to the dispute between the landowner and the government, and the reason thousands of residents are facing the problem. Even the school vans, vehicles have slipped from on the road. Our only demand is this that PMC should complete the road work soon,” said Nitin Kumar Jain, Director of the Wagholi Housing Societies Association.

“This is a one-sided road which allows one vehicle at a time to pass, and the situation has been the same for many years, which also causes accidents. Whatever the dispute, our only demand is to have access to a proper road as our basic right. Earlier the area came under Gram Panchayat, then PMRDA, and now under PMC. We have filed the PIL recently after trying many ways of complaining,” said Sandesh Shyam Lokhande, Director of the Wagholi Housing Societies Association.

Another member Santosh Krishna of Wagholi Housing Societies Association said, “Because of the road problem for last 10 years multiple meetings have been held with residents, we have also reached various government officials, politicians to get the solved but due to some dispute the work is not getting done. We tried to protest, dharnas for getting a proper road but the the battle is legal so we filed a PIL with High Court. Whereas, the area is old having over 75 housing societies, hotels, restaurants, commercial establishments but the road is 10 feet width leading the numerous road accidents on daily basis.”

“The issue has been going for several years, this area has above 30,000 residents. After the lands were sold the builder there was some disputes going on due to which the work of road is on stay. Although a road was constructed in 2017 after the initiative of builder and people representatives, only 10 feet wide road was constructed. Where on both side of the road there is uneven height due to which at a time two big vehicles cannot pass from the road. In fact the vehicles have got damaged while allowing other side vehicle to pass,” said Kiran Javram Mankawale, member of WHSA.

Another resident of the area Sanjeev Patil said, “Actual road in the DP proposed was 15 feet wide on which builder had taken the sanctioned but only 8 feet wide road is constructed. Whereas, the situation in rainy season gets worst”

Speaking on behalf of the petitioner, Satya Muley, Advocate Bombay High Court said, “The PMC, PMRDA, other local authorities, and builders have made false promises to residents who invested in sanctioned projects on Bakori Road. Local authorities have shown insensitivity towards taxpayers, hindering the full enjoyment of life and civic amenities like roads, which are guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. As all other remedies have been exhausted, residents are moving the Bombay High Court to enforce their fundamental rights.”

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