Watch A Love Story Brews Success: Laila-Majnu’s Tea Stall Sells 500 Cups in 2 Hours

Watch A Love Story Brews Success: Laila-Majnu's Tea Stall Sells 500 Cups in 2 Hours

Watch A Love Story Brews Success: Laila-Majnu's Tea Stall Sells 500 Cups in 2 Hours

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Have you ever tasted tea made by a couple? The tale we’re about to share today isn’t just about tea; it’s a story of love, entrepreneurship, and the birth of a successful tea stall.

Meet Manish and Putul Kumari, who first fell in love and then embarked on a journey to start a tea business together. Their journey from romance to entrepreneurship is as remarkable as their flavorful tea.

Manish Kumar, a graduate from Sharda Global University with prior experience in companies like Godrej and Tech Mahindra, crossed paths with Putul in a private firm. Their love blossomed, and they envisioned creating something unique together. Thus, the idea of their tea stall was born. Today, their stall, lovingly named “Couple Corner,” has become a popular spot in Ranchi, attracting tea enthusiasts from all around.

Reflecting on their humble beginnings, Manish shares that they started the stall with their own savings. Aware that significant capital was required for expansion, they opted to start small and grow gradually. Their stall offers Ranchi’s finest cardamom tea, served in traditional Kulhars and earthen pots, which adds a distinct flavor to the brew. Their tea often sells out within just two hours of opening.

Manish and Putul didn’t anticipate the overwhelming success of their venture when they started. Today, they sell 500 cups of tea in just two hours, and their ambition is to expand their business across Ranchi. With unwavering support from their families, they believe in the power of honest work and passion.

Sharing their personal journey, Putul reveals that they’ve been together for five years and plan to nurture their relationship further while expanding their business. They firmly believe that being together not only enriches their personal lives but also drives their business success.

If you’re intrigued to taste their unique couple tea, head to the stall near the parking lot next to Ranchi’s vendor market. The Couple Corner stall operates from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, offering a delightful blend of love and tea.