Watch Shocking Reveal: Elvish Yadav mentioning Cocaine, Snakebite, Old Video Resurfaces

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Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, finds himself embroiled in controversy as he remains incarcerated in Luxor Jail, Greater Noida, following accusations of supplying snakes and snake venom to rave parties. 

The 26-year-old, who was arrested on March 17, is awaiting his hearing scheduled for March 22 in connection with the ongoing case. Amidst these developments, an old video featuring Elvish Yadav has resurfaced online, where he can be heard offering various substances, including “hash, cocaine, snake bite,” among others.

The viral video captures Elvish Yadav seated with friends, casually mentioning a range of substances, hinting at their availability. 

‘Cocaine, Snake Bite, Kya Chahiye?’,

However, the clip appears to be incomplete, leaving room for speculation about the context of his statements. The resurgence of this video adds another layer of scrutiny to Yadav’s current legal troubles, raising questions about his involvement in activities beyond the scope of the snake venom case.

The controversy surrounding Elvish Yadav stems from an incident dating back to November 3, 2023, when he and five others were booked under the Wildlife Protection Act and Section 120 B of the Indian Penal Code for allegedly supplying snake venom to rave parties in Noida. The arrest followed a police raid where nine snakes, including cobras, and approximately 20 ml of snake venom were recovered. Despite initially refuting the allegations, Yadav was remanded in judicial custody for 14 days under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the resurfacing of the old video adds fuel to the ongoing discourse surrounding Elvish Yadav’s involvement in illicit activities. While the video alone may not serve as conclusive evidence, it further complicates Yadav’s legal defence and public image, casting shadows over his credibility and reputation in the entertainment industry.

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