Watch Video! Hyderabad Rapido rider forced to push scooter with passenger as fuel runs out mid-journey

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A Rapido rider in Hyderabad faced an unusual situation when his scooter ran out of fuel during a trip, prompting him to push the vehicle to the nearest petrol pump with the passenger still on the pillion seat. The incident, caught on camera by a fellow commuter, has sparked a debate on social media.

As per reports, the rider had informed the passenger about the low fuel situation when the journey was halfway through. Despite the rider’s requests, the passenger declined to disembark, leading the Rapido rider to opt for the unconventional solution of pushing the scooter to the petrol pump with the customer on board.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media, with many users expressing sympathy for the rider and condemning the passenger’s refusal to cooperate in the situation. 

The incident has ignited discussions about the challenges faced by service providers and the need for cooperation between riders and passengers in unforeseen circumstances.

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