Watch Viral Video : Anger Erupts Among X Users Over Woman’s reel on airport baggage carousel

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A video shared online shows a woman doing a dangerous stunt at an airport, and many people are angry about it. They say she should be punished for her reckless behavior.

The video, which is being shared on different social media platforms, including X, shows a woman climbing onto a baggage carousel at the airport. She lies down on the conveyor belt before getting back up and looking at the camera.

Since it was shared a day ago, the video has gotten a lot of attention. It has been viewed over 3.1 million times, and more people are watching it every day. Many people commented on the video, calling the woman’s stunt terrible and saying that authorities should take action against her. Some even suggested that she should be fined.

One person on X said she should be arrested for damaging the conveyor belt. Another person mentioned that people who criticize such behavior are often called trolls. Some sarcastically suggested that she should be sent away to make videos in a remote place where she wouldn’t bother anyone.

There were also serious concerns about safety. One person pointed out that if her clothing got caught in the conveyor belt’s blades, it could have seriously hurt her because the blades are sharp like knives.

Overall, many people were upset about the video, questioning why the woman would do such a dangerous stunt in the first place.

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