Watch: Viral video shows time-saving hack to prepare Pooris without rolling pin

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Preparing chapatis and pooris daily can often be a cumbersome task, especially for those lacking expertise in the kitchen. Achieving perfectly round chapatis or pooris with ease requires skill and practice, making it a challenge for many individuals. To address this common struggle, numerous videos have surfaced online showcasing innovative and time-saving hacks for preparing these Indian breads.

In a recent viral video shared by Instagram user, viewers are introduced to a clever method for effortlessly creating five-round pooris in the blink of an eye—without the need for a rolling pin. 

The clip has garnered over 5 million views, capturing the attention of eager learners seeking to streamline their cooking routines.

The video demonstrates the process step by step, starting with the creator dividing the kneaded dough into equal-sized balls and placing them on a plastic sheet. 

By strategically positioning the dough balls apart to prevent sticking, the creator covers them with another sheet of plastic and proceeds to flatten each one with a rolling board. The result? Perfectly shaped and sized pooris ready for deep frying.

The simplicity and efficiency of this technique have resonated with viewers, prompting enthusiastic responses in the comments section. 

Taking to the comments section, several Instagram users appreciated the tip and confessed that they would also give it a try. 

A comment read, “Awesome idea…mai bhi try krungi.” 

A user commented, “Actually it’s a super idea”

Many Instagram users expressed appreciation for the tip and expressed their intent to try the method themselves, eager to simplify their culinary endeavors.

With the convenience of this time-saving hack, individuals can now enjoy freshly prepared pooris without the hassle of traditional rolling pin techniques, offering a practical solution for busy kitchens everywhere.

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