Water Scarcity Forces Shutdown of Power Generation in Koyana Dam

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The Koyana dam in the Satara district of western Maharashtra is facing a significant water shortage, with only 11.74 TMC (Thousand Million Cubic Feet) of water remaining. This water reserve was being held for drinking purposes until the onset of the monsoon rains. Consequently, the state government has made the decision to cease power generation activities at the dam’s fourth phase of the 1,000 MW project.

Sanjay Chopade, the chief engineer of the Koyana water-electricity project, announced in a press release on Sunday that due to the government’s reduction in water usage from the dam, the fourth phase of the power generation project, with a capacity of 1,000 MW, had been shut down due to water scarcity.

This shutdown is likely to have an impact on industries and other electricity production projects in the state. The scarcity of water in the Koyana dam emphasizes the urgent need for conservation efforts and effective water management practices in the region. Authorities will closely monitor the situation and take necessary measures to minimize the potential effects on industries and power supply in the affected areas.