WhatsApp Unveils Major Updates To Enhance Calling Experience

WhatsApp Unveils Major Updates To Enhance Calling Experience

WhatsApp Unveils Major Updates To Enhance Calling Experience

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With the increasing reliance on virtual connections, these enhancements promise to make conversations more seamless and immersive than ever before.

14 June 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

In a bid to revolutionise digital communication once again, WhatsApp has announced a series of updates aimed at refining its calling features. The most anticipated addition is the introduction of screen sharing with audio. This groundbreaking feature allows users to not only share their screens during calls but also transmit audio, enhancing the overall interactive experience. Whether it’s watching a video together or collaborating on a project, this functionality adds a new dimension to WhatsApp calls.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is expanding the capabilities of its video calls by allowing up to 32 participants to join in a single call. This significant upgrade caters to the growing need for virtual gatherings, meetings and online classes, offering users greater flexibility and convenience in connecting with their contacts.

To address the challenge of keeping track of multiple speakers during group calls, WhatsApp has introduced the speaker spotlight feature. This innovative addition automatically highlights the person speaking, ensuring smoother conversations and enabling participants to focus on the active speaker effortlessly.

In line with its commitment to delivering high-quality communication experiences, WhatsApp has also made improvements to audio and video quality. The integration of the MLow codec enhances call reliability, with mobile users benefiting from better noise and echo cancellation, even in noisy environments. Additionally, video calls will see an improvement in resolution for users with fast internet connections, while overall audio quality will be enhanced for those on older devices or with poor network connectivity.

These updates underscore WhatsApp’s dedication to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. Whether it’s a private conversation or a group call with friends across the globe, WhatsApp strives to provide the best possible calling experience for its users.