Why Bengaluru is the favorite startup hub according to billionaire entrepreneur Nikhil Kamath

Why Bengaluru is the favorite startup hub according to billionaire entrepreneur Nikhil Kamath

Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha, talks about Bengaluru's appeal to startups.

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Bengaluru-based billionaire entrepreneur Nikhil Kamath recently shared why he loves the city known as India’s startup capital. Speaking on his podcast, WTF, Kamath, who co-founded Zerodha, highlighted what makes Bengaluru stand out, despite its challenges like bad roads and traffic jams.

According to Kamath, the real charm of Bengaluru lies in its people. He emphasized that amidst all the infrastructure issues, the people of Bengaluru shine the brightest. Kamath praised their love for the city and their friendly nature.

Comparing Bengaluru to other major cities, Kamath pointed out Hyderabad’s famous biriyani, Mumbai’s attractive people and fast-paced lifestyle, and Delhi’s affluent residents. However, he highlighted Bengaluru’s reputation for its kind-hearted populace.

Kamath also discussed Bengaluru’s appeal for startups, citing its unparalleled access to talent. He believes that no other city offers such talent at a comparable cost. He stressed that Bengaluru is an ideal place for building companies, especially for startups.

Moreover, Kamath mentioned collaborative efforts among business leaders like himself and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the executive chairperson of Biocon and also a billionaire. They work together to enhance Bengaluru’s appeal, aiming to make it “cooler” both in reality and perception. One initiative involves planting 10,000 cherry blossom trees in the city center.

In summary, Nikhil Kamath believes that Bengaluru’s people and access to talent make it the city the ultimate destination for startups, despite its challenges. He envisions a future where Bengaluru becomes even more attractive for businesses and residents alike.