Winter Airlines Schedule Shows 8% Surge in Flight Deployments

Winter Airlines Schedule Shows 8% Surge in Flight Deployments

Winter Airlines Schedule Shows 8% Surge in Flight Deployments

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New Delhi: The upcoming winter season will bring a welcome boost to India’s aviation sector, with a remarkable 8% increase in the number of flights scheduled, as per the latest data released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). A total of 23,732 flight departures per week are expected, surpassing the winter of 2019 by 1.4% and the summer schedule by 3.6%.

Under the purview of DGCA, airlines in India receive biannual approvals for flight departures, covering both the summer and winter schedules. The winter schedule for 2023 is set to kick off from October 29th and run until March 30th, providing a comprehensive view of the country’s aviation landscape.

The previous winter season’s withdrawal of Go First, which accounted for 1,390 flight departures, has left an opening for other carriers to expand their services. Leading the charge in this flight surge is IndiGo, India’s largest airline. It plans to deploy 13,119 flight departures, a substantial 30% increase compared to the 10,085 departures it proposed last year.

Air India, now under Tata ownership, is not far behind with an expected 19% growth in its operations, offering 2,367 flight departures weekly, up from 1,990 last year. AirAsia India and Air India Express are jointly proposing 1,940 flight departures, an increase from their 1,462 departures in the previous winter season. However, Vistara is experiencing a minor dip, with a 2% reduction in its proposed flight deployments, set at 1,902 departures per week.

Meanwhile, Akasa Air, India’s newest airline, is gearing up for substantial growth, with a 5% increase in weekly flight departures from the summer schedule and a remarkable 65% surge compared to the previous winter schedule, resulting in 790 flights per week.

Low-cost carrier SpiceJet is facing a setback, as it will witness a 33% decline from the same period last year and a 5% drop from the summer schedule. It plans to operate 2,132 flights per week.

The DGCA’s announcement also highlighted the addition of nine new airports to the scheduled airlines’ list, including Bhatinda, Jaisalmer, Ludhiana, Nanded, Shivmoga, Salem, Utkela, Hindon, and Ziro. Notably, Gondia airport will not feature in the Winter Schedule 2023 operations.

These developments promise an exciting and dynamic winter season for India’s aviation industry, with various carriers expanding their services and numerous new airports on the horizon.

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