Woman highlights overcrowded conditions in Chetak Express’s AC Coach, Railways Respond

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The issue of overcrowded trains in India has once again come to the forefront, with a recent incident involving a woman named Nilisha Mantri shedding light on the dire situation.

Nilisha shared a striking photo depicting the cramped conditions inside an AC coach of the Chetak Express, which travels between Delhi Sarai Rohilla and Udaipur. Despite booking a 3-Tier AC ticket, Nilisha found herself amidst a chaotic scene more reminiscent of a general or sleeper coach, rather than a comfortable AC compartment.

In her post, Nilisha lamented the state of the 3rd Tier AC coach, questioning the purpose of paying for AC accommodations when passengers are subjected to conditions akin to those in general class. The accompanying photo revealed passengers squeezed onto seats, standing in aisles, and even a man sleeping precariously with his hand serving as support amidst the overcrowded space.

The post quickly garnered attention, prompting a flurry of comments from concerned citizens. 

Comments poured in, reflecting the frustration of passengers. “Ajkal haalat ye ho gayi hai, it should no longer be called AC three tier, it’s third class AC.Fir second class AC aur jiska ek hi dabba ho ya ho hi na, wo first class AC,” remarked one user. 

Another shared, “The condition of stations became so worse in India that we even failed to enter even the train after buying a tier 1 ac ticket!!”

Some raised doubts about whether it was indeed an AC coach, citing the presence of a fan in the photo. However, Nilisha dispelled these doubts by sharing an image of the large window of her AC coach as evidence.

Notably, the Railways responded promptly to Nilisha’s post, acknowledging the issue and requesting her PNR/UTS number and mobile number for swift resolution of the complaint. 

They also provided avenues for direct complaint registration to ensure expedited redressal of the overcrowding issue. This incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by passengers in Indian trains and highlights the need for effective measures to address overcrowding and ensure passenger comfort and safety.

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