Woman Shares Uber Driver’s Thoughtful Gesture: ‘Reminded Me of My Dad’

Woman Shares Uber Driver’s Thoughtful Gesture: ‘Reminded Me of My Dad’

Woman Shares Uber Driver’s Thoughtful Gesture: ‘Reminded Me of My Dad’

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A woman from Hyderabad recently shared a heartwarming encounter she had with an Uber Moto driver on Reddit, describing a gesture that reminded her of her father.

The woman had booked an Uber Moto to visit her ailing boyfriend in the hospital. Upon reaching her destination, she encountered a technical glitch with her UPI payment system and couldn’t make the payment immediately. Rushing inside the hospital to get cash, she was concerned about making the driver wait in the scorching afternoon heat.

Sharing her experience on Reddit’s “Hyderabad” community, she wrote: “My boyfriend was in the hospital. I took an Uber Moto to reach the hospital. While paying, my PhonePe did not work. I was feeling really bad for making the driver wait as it was scorching heat out in the afternoon and my PhonePe wasn’t working.”

When she went inside to get the cash, she was taken aback by the driver’s kindness. 

She continued, “I requested him to wait to get the cash from inside. After I hurriedly came out, he had already left without taking any money. It was a small amount, but still, the gesture meant a lot to me. He was in his fifties and reminded me of my dad for a moment. He just kindly dropped and left without saying anything much.”

The post on Reddit was shared on June 5. It has since then received numerous upvotes and comments.

“That’s a true gentleman! Hope you gave him 5 star rating and you can tip him the actual amount. By the way, how’s your BF doing?” wrote an individual. 

To this, the woman replied, “Yes, gave him five star rating. Tried adding tip but after the ride completion, it was not possible to add tip. My bf is doing fine now. Thank you very much!

Another added, “Suggestion for future: Just take a photo of UPI ID and pay later.”

“That’s nice. A few days ago, I booked an Ola bike but the bike got some problem after 10 minutes. The area was not so very nice, I tried booking another bike through the app. He was with me the whole time, talked to the other guy as well to give directions to where we were, and only left after I left the place. I was so scared , and I thought he would leave me there with no help. I tried paying him but He didn’t even take any money for the short trip until the bike broke down. well, that was really kind,” expressed a third

The thoughtful gesture not only provided the woman with much-needed relief but also reminded her of the simple acts of kindness that can have a profound impact on someone’s day.