“Work From Home” – but in Style !

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The new normal nowadays is not just wearing the masks but also WFH ! As the name suggest, work from home, people tend to be lethargic towards dressing up, or even grooming themselves as they know, they do not have to visit the office, nor face the colleagues . 

Ketki Waykar, a Pune based brand consultant explains in detail about how to carry yourself even while you are working from home. 

There were so many incidents in the lockdown where people used to wear just formal clothes on the top and the bottoms would be a pair of pyjamas . Well, yes it is quite comfortable to be in PJ’s all day, but don’t you think it also affects the mood, quality and energy while working. 

But, can you work from home yet in style ? The answer is Yes , if you’re willing to or if you want to experiment from the mundane dressing style. Styling plays an important role in setting your mood, not only on occasions, but also for work. We, image consultants help you find your own personal style and evaluate your wardrobe to make cluster pieces for you. Even though if you are working from home, dressing appropriately for work plays an important role as it affects your mood and the people surrounding you. Dressing has an indirect impact on your energy. 

Collaborating pieces from your wardrobe can be fun and comfortable too. For example , you can combine a simple white top with a formal skirt or a kurta or tunic can be layered with a blazer to give it a corporate look. 
Combining a winter wear sweater with straight-fit formal pants will look professional as well as trendy.

All these can be good looking outfits for work yet comfortable , but they should be worn according to your body types. Using neutral colour palettes, combining lounge wear with formal shirts can do wonders. At some point if you feel a little low or boring to work , try adding colours in your outfits as they can cheer up your mood and make you happy. 

If working in pyjamas is the best option you feel, try dressing up as per given recommendations, I am sure you will love dressing up.

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