World Environment Day celebrated by Nyati Windchimes residents

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Citizens of Nyati Windchimes society in Undri celebrated World Environment Day on Saturday, 5 June 2021 between 9 to 10 am by organising a tree plantation drive.

In order to inculcate and develop awareness about environment around us and its importance this day marked by ceremonially planting few saplings only school kids. A resident of the society said, “These saplings have been nurtured by Kavya, a 15 year old member in her balcony for last one year). Saplings were also donated by Nyati Group (Harish Shroff) were also planted.”

For this program only school going kids were invited. A mega plantation ceremony shall be held on 13 June 2021. The initiative to hold this program in the society was taken by
Kaushal Gupta, Shyam Khante and Sunil Aiyer.

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