World Milk Day 2024: Amul celebrates with its classic ’90s ad

World Milk Day 2022: Amul celebrates with its classic '90s ad

World Milk Day 2022: Amul celebrates with its classic '90s ad

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World Milk Day is celebrated globally on June 1, an occasion established by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to highlight the benefits and importance of milk as a nutritious food. In India, milk holds a significant place in the diet and culture, and this day is celebrated in various unique ways by dairy brands. 

Amul, the iconic Indian dairy brand, marked the celebration by revisiting a nostalgic piece from the past. They shared a quirky creative post, featuring a twist on a classic Bollywood song. 

The post read, “Tumse Milke aisa lagga. Amul celebrates World Milk Day,” with an image of the Amul mascot enjoying a glass of milk. This clever pun and visual was well-received by their audience.

Additionally, Amul shared their classic ‘Doodh Doodh’ advertisement from the 90s. 

This jingle brought back fond memories for many, especially those who grew up in that era. The advertisement received widespread appreciation on social media, evoking nostalgia among ’90s kids.

Amul is known for its witty and creative takes on various events and happenings worldwide. Their topicals often go viral and spark discussions online. Recently, Amul paid tribute to the release of Tom Cruise’s film ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ a sequel to the 1986 classic. 

Their creative post for this event read, “Hollywood blockbuster, popular sequel to Top Gun,” with the caption “Top Bun Maverlick,” adding their signature buttery twist to the film’s title.

These creative campaigns not only celebrate World Milk Day but also demonstrate Amul’s ability to connect with its audience through clever and nostalgic content.

Milk consumption dates back to the Neolithic age (9000-7000 B.C) when humans began domesticating animals. Initially, due to lactose intolerance, people drank fermented milk, which soon became a vital source of nutrition, often replacing meat in many cultures. Milk also held religious significance, believed to be a divine gift.

However, modern consumption has been influenced by the distribution of industrialized milk, changing consumer preferences, and milk substitutes.

This year Amul’s World Milk Day theme highlights the importance of dairy in providing nutrition and nourishing the world.