2020 – A mixed year filled with uncertainty and exploring new avenues

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Children are growing in a transforming world. What suited us then, will not be the perfect scenario for our children in the future. 

Shubhangi P. Warkari, Founder, The Progressive Minds Consultancy, she is a parent, educator and a former media professional who will take us through different aspects of parenting a child in the right way. A series of articles will throw light on what we should offer to our children in this competitive world. 

The motive behind these articles is to connect with every educator, parents,preschools and schools, and to blend academics with more practical, relatable, fun and innovative life skills techniques. 

Do read each article carefully. 
How will we all remember the year 2020? For most of us, it was the year of uncertainty. But, for a few, it opened ways to reach out, explore and embrace the uncertainties in their lives that lead to transformation. This is where the real life learning comes forth! 

Like we adults, it is our children who are at the face of these uncertainties. They had to adapt to things which we, as the previous generation had never experienced! Now, think of our children in this complicated world of 21st century where they are experiencing things we had never heard of! 
This is the reason why the government, experts, psychologists, economists,corporates are stressing the importance of  21st century key skills- the life skills that children need to develop to succeed in classrooms and beyond. 

Academics learnt at school play a key role in kids’ growth. But, the 21st century demands a child to learn central key skills that will prepare them for the upcoming professional and personal world. This is the reason why the government in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has stressed the importance of life skills for future challenges of the 21st century. 
Skills such as social, creative and critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, decision making, adaptability and flexibility, communication, self awareness etc are the real world skills and are gaining prominence, and compliment the IQ skills that will decide the child’s success. 

Based on science of early childhood and brain development, it is now known that these skills can be developed far earlier than people realise. 
The Pandemic has put our belief more strongly in the saying that change is inevitable. It has also taught us a lesson that we need to come out of our comfort zones or secured boundaries. It is the need of the hour to start building the key skills in our children from the right age so that they learn to adapt, discover, innovate, ideate, experience, learn, and become creative. 

Building key skills from the right age will make children ready for future demands and everyday challenges in their professional and personal life without compromising on their happiness.