“300-Word Essay Ready”: Content Creator’s driving car video Goes Viral

"300-Word Essay Ready": Content Creator's driving car video Goes Viral

"300-Word Essay Ready": Content Creator's driving car video Goes Viral

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A video of content creator Gajodhar Singh Cool driving his Mercedes at speeds between 80 and 103 kmph has gone viral, garnering significant attention and criticism. The clip shows Gajodhar recklessly pressing the accelerator while boasting, “I can drive anyhow. I am aware of the hack and have kept a 300-word essay ready. Now, no one can stop me.”  

This video appears to be a provocative reference to the recent Pune incident where a 17-year-old boy killed two techies in Kalyani Nagar and was granted bail within 15 hours of the accident.

The Pune crash, which occurred on May 19, involved a minor who had been drinking with friends to celebrate his Class 12 results. Driving a Porsche at over 150 kmph, he fatally struck two 24-year-old IT professionals. The court granted him bail on the condition that he works with traffic police for 15 days, write an essay on accidents, undergoes treatment for his drinking habit, and attends counseling sessions. This lenient treatment sparked public outrage.

In his video, Gajodhar mocks the court’s decision by claiming to have a 300-word essay titled “Porsche in Dahez (Dowry)” ready. The clip, shared on Instagram, quickly went viral, accumulating over 844,000 likes and more than 12 million views. The public backlash against Gajodhar’s video highlights the serious consequences of trivializing such dangerous behaviour.

The Pune incident has stirred nationwide outrage due to the minor’s quick release on bail and the relatively light punishment given the severity of his actions. At 17 years and 8 months old, the teenager was just shy of the legal driving age and significantly under the legal drinking age in Maharashtra. Currently, he has been sent to a remand home until June 5, while his father remains in police custody.

Gajodhar’s video not only underscores the growing concern over road safety but also calls attention to the judicial handling of such serious offences.