Cosy corner for street dogs at Taj Mahal hotel: ‘Strict Instructions from Ratan Tata’

Cosy corner for street dogs at Taj Mahal hotel: ‘Strict Instructions from Ratan Tata’

Cosy corner for street dogs at Taj Mahal hotel: ‘Strict Instructions from Ratan Tata’

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In a heartwarming display of compassion, a street dog has found sanctuary at the prestigious Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, thanks to strict instructions from Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group.

This touching story was shared on LinkedIn by Rubi Khan, an HR professional who stayed at the five-star hotel. Khan was surprised to see a street dog sleeping peacefully at the hotel’s entrance. Upon inquiry, she learned from the hotel staff that Ratan Tata, a well-known animal lover, had issued strict instructions to treat stray dogs with kindness and respect.

Ratan Tata has long been an advocate for the humane treatment of stray animals. The Tata Group headquarters in Mumbai, known as Bombay House, even has a special section dedicated to the area’s stray dogs. The Taj Mahal Hotel follows the same ethos, ensuring that all beings within its walls are treated with dignity.

Khan described her experience in a LinkedIn post that has since gone viral, garnering over 5,000 likes and hundreds of reactions. “This is the entrance of the Taj Mahal Hotel, one of the most luxurious and finest hotels in the country. During my stay, as I started my day, I noticed a living being sleeping peacefully in the same spot, seemingly carefree. My curiosity led me to ask the hotel staff about him, and I learned that he has been a part of the hotel since birth. There are strict instructions from Mr Ratan Tata to treat these animals well if they enter the premises,” she wrote.

Khan praised the work culture of the hotel, highlighting how it embodies the Tata Group’s core values of compassion and inclusion. “The entrance of such a prestigious establishment holds significant importance, and there he was, peacefully sleeping, perhaps unnoticed by many of the guests. Amidst the chaos, he owns the place, finding his sanctuary,” she added.

The Taj Group of hotels responded to Khan’s post, thanking her for sharing the story and affirming their commitment to compassion and inclusion. “Hi Rubi, thank you for sharing this story. At Taj, we value compassion and inclusion, ensuring every guest feels at home. Your reflections truly resonate with our core values,” the response read.

Other commenters praised the hotel for its humane treatment of street dogs. “Nicely put. If you go to Bombay House – somewhat a headquarters of the Tata group — in south Mumbai, you will notice the same. Strays moving in and out freely, with no unnecessary restrictions. They have been kind of adopted and are given respect and dignity of a home pet. Healthy co-existence”.

“Mr Ratan Tata is a class apart. An industrialist, philanthropist, leader, visionary, and above all, a human being beyond comparison,” commented Ram Mishra.

This story serves as a reminder of the impact that compassion and kindness can have, even in the most unexpected places, and how influential leaders like Ratan Tata set examples for humane practices.