Accumulated water spikes dengue fear

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Residents of Pristine Viva, Ganga Florentina, Gemini Park often have to wade through water while crossing the society as dirty water is let out on the road by a commercial complex located nearby.

A resident on condition of anonymity said that there was no outlet for the water and so it accumulates near the society gates, thus making very difficult to walk or drive on the road.

When the matter was raised with Huzefa Attarwala, chairman, Raheja Center Point he said that the water let outside the society is accumulated rain water. “We have resolved the issue now. We use a machine to suck the water from our basement floor. There won’t be any water flowing out of our complex anymore,” he said.

Prasad Katkar, assistant municipal corporation said, “The issue of mosquito breeding shall be resolved immediately and the department concerned will be asked to take immediate action. The issue of water overflowing will also be looked into.”

Katkar further said that investigation will be carried out to find the exact cause of water being let out on the main road.

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