Affordable Air Travel: Fly from Lilabari to Tezpur for Just Rs 150 ! 

Affordable Air Travel: Fly from Lilabari to Tezpur for Just Rs 150 !

Affordable Air Travel: Fly from Lilabari to Tezpur for Just Rs 150 !

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As part of the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS), travellers can now fly from Lilabari to Tezpur for a mere Rs 150 as base fare. The RCS aims to boost regional air connectivity and offer enticing incentives to airline operators. Flights between Lilabari and Tezpur take only 50 minutes, making it a quick and affordable option. According to an analysis shared by travel portal ixigo with PTI, there are a total of 22 routes across India where the base airfares are less than Rs 1,000 per person, with Lilabari to Tezpur being the cheapest.

Alliance Air operates the flights between Lilabari and Tezpur, offering a one-way base fare of Rs 150. However, passengers should note that convenience charges will be added to the base fare during booking.

The duration of RCS flights on these routes typically spans around 50 minutes. Most of the routes with base airfares ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 199 per person are concentrated in the North East, with a few routes in the South as well, such as Bangalore-Salem and Cochin-Salem.

For routes like Guwahati-Shillong, Imphal-Aizawl, Dimapur-Shillong, and Shillong-Lilabari, the base airfare stands at Rs 500. Similarly, the Bangalore-Salem route has a base ticket price of Rs 525.

The analysis further revealed that routes like Guwahati-Pasighat and Lilabari-Guwahati have base airfares of Rs 999 and Rs 954 respectively. Industry executives suggest that these routes have low demand, with alternative transport options taking over five hours to reach the destination.

As of March 31, 2024, a total of 559 routes have been operationalized under the RCS, also known as UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik). Various incentives, including waived landing and parking charges, are extended by the central government, state governments, and airport operators for RCS flights.

Launched by the civil aviation ministry on October 21, 2016, UDAN aims to stimulate regional air connectivity and make air travel more accessible to the masses.