Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s New Pet Policy Aims for Responsible Ownership

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's New Pet Policy Aims for Responsible Ownership

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's New Pet Policy Aims for Responsible Ownership

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In a bid to promote responsible pet ownership and streamline canine care in the city, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is set to roll out a comprehensive pet policy within the next three months. The policy, currently under careful drafting, encompasses various legal considerations, including Supreme Court verdicts and central government guidelines.

Key features of the upcoming pet policy include:

1. Mandatory Pet Registration and Vaccinations:

   Pet owners in Ahmedabad will be required to register their dogs, with updated records of annual vaccinations becoming mandatory. The policy aims to create a systematic and transparent database of the city’s estimated 50,000 pet dogs, enhancing oversight and public safety.

2. Leash Mandate in Public Areas:

   To ensure public safety and adherence to civic norms, the policy proposes that pet dogs be kept on a leash in public areas. This measure aims to minimize potential risks and disturbances caused by unrestrained pets in shared spaces.

3. Nominal Registration Fee and Online Process:

   Owners will have the convenience of registering their pets through an online process, with a nominal fee of Rs 500. The streamlined registration system aims to facilitate compliance and make the process accessible to a broad spectrum of pet owners.

4. Annual Vaccination Certificates and Reminders:

   Emphasizing preventive care, the policy makes annual vaccination certificates mandatory. To assist pet owners in staying up-to-date with vaccinations, the AMC plans to send timely reminders through mobile notifications, promoting the health and well-being of pets.

5. Possible Restrictions in Public Parks:

   While the policy is still under review, there is consideration for a temporary ban on allowing pet dogs in certain public spaces like parks or gardens. This measure, if implemented, seeks to balance the benefits of dog-friendly spaces with potential concerns and conflicts.

As Ahmedabad moves towards implementing this pet policy, it aligns with the central government’s larger vision of achieving rabies-free cities by 2030. The emphasis on responsible pet ownership, online registration, designated stray dog feeding spots, and defined restricted zones reflects a comprehensive approach to fostering harmony between pets and the community.

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